We add value to iron with solid passio
Dongkuk CM is making steel products that enrich the world with bold innovation and unrivaled technology.
Pre-Coated Metal Pre-Coated Metal
Cold Rolled &  Galvanized Steel Cold Rolled & Galvanized Steel
Processed Products for Construction Processed Products for Construction
Pre-Coated Metal
Equipped with the world’s largest Pre-Coated Metal production facility,
DongKuk CM developed the premium pre-coated brands
‘Luxteel’ and ‘Appsteel’ to make them recognized as global brands.
Capacity 850 ,000 tons View More
Cold Rolled & Galvanized Steel
With the best coating technology, we produce electro galvanized steel,
galvanized steel, galvalume steel, and Mg alloy galvanized steel.
- Capacity 1, 740 ,000 tons
- Galvanized steel 1, 320 ,000 tons
- Electro galvanized 420 ,000 tons View More
Processed Products for Construction
Luxteel's refined patterns and colorful architectural
processing products enhance the completeness of
building design and provide a luxurious finish.