We operate a safety and health management system
for the safety and health of all workers
Safety and
Dongkuk CM practices customer satisfaction and human-centered management, based on the management
philosophy of “contributing to cultural development through steel.” To create a safe and pleasant work environment
and realize "a company that protects the safety and health of all workers," we implement the following:

One. We recognize safety and health as an essential element of management and give priority to management activities
One. We ensure workers' participation and consultation in safety and health management activities.
One. We identify harmful and risk factors in the workplace and continuously improve them.
One. We comply with safety and health related laws and regulations and create a safe working environment
One. We identify potential emergencies in advance and prepare countermeasures.
One. We strive to improve the safety and health environment of partner companies and local communities.

June 1, 2023
Dongkuk CM Co., Ltd.
Executive Vice President Park Sang-hoon
Health and
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Safety and health management system certifications: ISO 45001 & KOSHA MS
In order to systematically operate safety and health activities, all business sites have obtained ISO 45001 certification
In addition, in 2022, we expanded KOSHA MS to all factories, in-house, and all partners to comply
with the Severe Disaster Punishment Act and Industrial Safety and Health Act, to obtain certification.
Safety and
Dongkuk CM operates the Safety and Environment Committee, which is attended by the safety and environment team leaders from each business site, centered on the safety and environment planning team, which is a company-wide safety and health organization. We also establish a company-wide safety and health plan every year and report it to the board of directors.

3S Activities

Smart Safety Management

By introducing the SMART safety system, we expect to reduce risk factors
in the field work of single workers.
  • Establishment and operation of an integrated safety monitoring system.• Installation of smart safety equipment on heavy-duty vehicles: Hazard identification and restriction.
  • Introduction of smart safety systems (smart bands): Rapid detection and response.
  • Safety and health QR codes: Sharing emergency manuals and promoting compliance with safety regulations.

Safe Working Environment

In order to establish and maintain a safe on-site working environment,
we consult together across the company and make improvements
immediately upon discovery.
  • Conducting safety and health education: including subcontractors.
  • Operation of safety reporting system and industrial safety and health committee: reporting and handling of hazards and suggestions.
  • Installation and education on AED (Automated External Defibrillator) across the entire factory: ensuring the golden time for emergency situations with colleagues.

Strong Safety Culture

We have a KOSHA MS system certification and company-wide
integrated system for a safety and health management system in all business sites.
  • Expanded application of corporate KOSHA MS (Safety and Health System): including all subcontractors.
  • Implementation of internal safety supervisor system and safety guardians: enhancing safety risk response capabilities.
  • Establishment and campaign of the top 10 safety rules: promoting safety awareness.