Board of Directors Committee Within the Board of Directors
Together with the board of directors, we practice transparent and responsible management.
Composition of the Board of Directors
Independence of the Board of Directors
In order to secure the independence of nonexecutive directors, we have complied with the qualification restriction standards of the relevant laws, and established and operated the Nonexecutive Director Candidate Recommendation Committee to recommend candidates for nonexecutive directors. In accordance with Article 542-8 of the Commercial Act, the Nonexecutive Director Candidate Recommendation Committee is organized so that nonexecutive directors constitute a majority of the total members.

Diversity of the Board of Directors
The company limits the qualifications of directors to those with extensive expertise and experience in the related field, and reviews not to appoint those responsible for undermining corporate value or violating shareholder rights and interests. In addition, we make efforts to secure diversity, such as appointing female nonexecutive directors, so as not to be of a specific gender.

Configuration Status
[ ● : Chairperson, Chairman ]
Classification Name
Expected Date of Term Expiration Field of Activity Major career Board of Directors Audit Committee Nonexecutive Director Candidate Promotion Committee
In-house director (2) Park Sang Hoon(male) March 2025 CEO and Executive Vice President Head of Busan Works
Kim Do Yeun(male) March 2025 Director of Planning Color-coated Steel Plate Sales Representative
Outside director (3) Park Jin Woo(female) March 2025 Technical consulting Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Yonsei University
Ryu Jae Yong(male) March 2025 Management consulting Kim & Jang law firm Certified Public Accountant
Choi JeongHwan(male) March 2025 Management consulting Gwangjang Law Corporation Attorney
Management of Board of Directors
The board of directors is divided into temporary and regular board of directors. The regular board meeting is held on a schedule set at the beginning of the year, and is not held unless there is an agenda to be resolved on the same day. The temporary board meetings are held on an irregular basis when necessary.

Nonexecutive directors can be recruited from outside experts if necessary, and directors' liability insurance is covered at the company's expense. In addition, according to our company, the approval of financial statements and the decision on profit distribution are required to be approved at the general shareholders' meeting.
※ Article 3 (Authority) of the Regulations of the Board of Directors, Article 7 (Types) of the Regulations of the Board of Directors, Article 42 (Preparation and Keeping of Financial Statements and Business Reports, etc.) of the Articles of Incorporation
Classification Number of Board Meetings Average Attendance at the Board of Directors
Regular Board of
Temporary Board of
Total Executive Director
Attendance Rate
Nonexecutive Director
Attendance Rate
2022 7 24 31 78% 93% 87%
2021 4 24 28 88% 93% 91%
2020 9 19 28 95% 96% 96%