Global No.1 Color Coating Company
Dongkuk CM is a company that inspires creativity into the rigidity of steel.
Dongkuk CM, a subsidiary of Dongkuk Steel Group founded in 1954 as Korea's first private steel company, is a leading surface treatment
company that produced Korea's first cold-rolled steel plates and pre-coated metal.
Our products are frequently used in our daily lives as building interior and exterior materials, home appliances, and furniture.

With the highest level of our galvanizing technology, Dongkuk CM produces cold-rolled steel sheets
that require excellent corrosion resistance for home appliances and construction materials.
We play a leading role in the pre-coated metal market with premium products made by excellent technology and differentiated marketing.
We continue to provide customized solutions through construction services applied
with pre-coated product designs and that deliver our processing expertise, along with Luxteel and Appsteel,
our premium pre-coated metal brands selected as world-class products.

Dongkuk CM is committed to ensuring management for the environment and people to create sustainable values.
We adopted a method that minimizes the use of adhesives for coating or
fossil fuels in the manufacturing process, and we strive to minimize the environmental impact of
our production activities through solvent-free, eco-friendly biomass products.
In addition, as the leader in the steel industry, the win-win labor-management culture and
family-friendly corporate culture, are our great competitiveness.

Dongkuk CM will solidify its super-gap position in the pre-coated metal business by implementing DK Color Vision 2030.

Thank you.