Move together, Move Green
Dongkuk CM, based on the management philosophy of 'giving back to society,'
pursues social values for a 'better society' and 'sustainable environment.'
Social Contributions Better Society Sustainable Environment
Sustainability infographic
Social Contributions Symbol and Emblem
Social Contributions Slogan
In order to emphasize the main promotion areas of Dongkuk CM's Social Contributions system, the meaning of practicing “better society” is expressed as “Move Together,” and the will to contribute to the “sustainable environment” as “Move Green.”
Social Contributions Emblem
Dongkuk CM's Social Contributions emblem incorporates the emblem of the “Sharing Keeper” volunteer group, which represents the bright sky and deep sea as trees and reflects the value of Social Contributions sought by the volunteer group as well as the value promoted by “Move Together, Move Green.”
Social Contributions History
Social Contributions History1 Social Contributions History2 Social Contributions History3
  • 2020Started "Sponsorship of Myeongdong Meal Service Center" free soup kitchen
  • 2019Started "Good Step Campaign" child support project
  • 2018Started "Sponsorship of the Korea Fire Mutual Aid Society Scholarship Project"
  • 2017Started "DK Green Campaign" recycling program
  • 2012Inaugurated "Nanumjigi" employee-integrated volunteer group
  • 2007Started "Sharing Kimchi with Love" winter campaign
  • 2005Started "DK Beautiful Day" with Beautiful Store
  • 2004Chairman Chang Sae-joo expanded the capital of Songwon Cultural Foundation and started a scholarship project for college students majoring in science and engineering
  • 1996Established Songwon Cultural Foundation for the late Chairman Songwon Chang Sang-tae
  • 1983 "1 company, 1 barracks" sisterhood relationship
  • 1977Declared the management philosophy of cultural development, nurturing talent, technological innovation, national prosperity and defense
  • 1975Returned KRW 3.5 billion of late Chairman Chang Kyung-ho’s private wealth to society