CI Concept
The adventurous and active image of Dongkuk CM is visually presented.
The letters ‘D’ and ‘K’ of DONGKUK are expressed in the form of light in order to present the image of the steel enterprise as the foundation of industries and the cornerstone of everyday life. And, the professionalism of Dongkuk CM leaping toward a future is maximized.
Representing the pride, passion, and will of Dongkuk CM, and harmony and solidarity of the labor and management
Emphasizing corporate transparency, reliability, pride, and dignity
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* It is strictly forbidden to adjust the CI layout of Dongkuk CM at discretion.
Color Rules
R: 0 / G: 36 / B: 82
C: 100 / M: 53 / Y: 0 / K: 71
R: 197 / G: 31 / B: 42
C: 0 / M: 94 / Y: 76 / K: 22
Color Rules